About Us

Are you in need of a well-qualified general dentist? If you are in search of a family dentist where you can bring your entire family, you'll want to schedule an appointment with Robert Gradishar DDS. Of all of the dentists in his area, Dr. Gradishar's strong reputation for quality and excellence has always been great. He provides valuable family dentistry to his whole community.

Dr. Gradishar's dental practice meets all of the official guidelines for the dental industry for sterilization, infection control, and cleanliness. His office is wheelchair-accessible as well, and he accepts most types of insurance. Each of the instruments that are used for dental treatments is either used only one time or is sanitized thoroughly.

Dr. Gradishar practices his dentistry work in a relaxed, quality-driven environment. He prides himself on providing his clients with so many options of treatments while operating a successful business. Robert Gradishar DDS has locations in five cities, with two of them being Laurel and Maple Lawn. We are not too far away for you, so book your first appointment today — let us reveal your beautiful smile!